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Gaming for a Change

When 17-year-old Zach Wigal first began organizing a Halo 2 tournament for his classmates at Saline High School, he never dreamt he’d start doing it for a living. After three months of planning, his Halo tournament was serendipitously cancelled by a superintendent after a local police officer raised concerns that video games were “corrupting the […]

Interviewing Amber Lyon for Blindfold Magazine

It’s funny, I put this blog under the category ‘In the News,’ but Bahrain is everywhere but. Bahrain is a small country in the Middle East nestled on the Persian Gulf. I had first learned about the human rights violations occurring in that country after speaking with Amber Lyon at a group dinner at MountainFilm. […]

Good Story-Telling: Taking a Lesson From An Autistic Girl’s “Broken” Hamburger

There’s this story that’s gone viral about a mother, Anna MacLean, who took her autistic daughter, Arianna, out for lunch to Chili’s. I’d like to discuss this story as a way of breaking down good storytelling. So, Anna takes her daughter out for lunch, and Arianna orders her favorite dish, a hamburger and fries. But […]