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Good Story-Telling: Taking a Lesson From An Autistic Girl’s “Broken” Hamburger

There’s this story that’s gone viral about a mother, Anna MacLean, who took her autistic daughter, Arianna, out for lunch to Chili’s. I’d like to discuss this story as a way of breaking down good storytelling. So, Anna takes her daughter out for lunch, and Arianna orders her favorite dish, a hamburger and fries. But […]

The Writer's Muse

The Writer’s Muse

My boyfriend and I go to Tom Shadyac’s class lectures at Pepperdine with a few friends every week. Although the class has about a 20-student limit, Tom’s lectures fill up so much the school has to give him an auditorium to fit the 200 or so people who visit each week. He has guest speakers […]

Working On Road Rage, A Comic Book Miniseries By Stephen King And Joe Hill

Earlier this year IDW Publishing released the first issue in Stephen King and Joe Hill’s Road Rage, a four-issue comic book series based on their short story, Throttle, and Richard Matheson’s Duel. For me, the publication was incredibly exciting, not only because I am a big fan of Joe Hill’s Locke & Key, but because it […]

Music To Write To, #1-5

I have an 85-song playlist I write to, though I often pick one song and put it on repeat. I have been adding and deleting songs from this playlist for over 9 years, though the one song I’ve kept in it is Moonlight Sonata. I first began listening to Moonlight my freshman year in high […]

How To Be A Better Writer In 5 Steps

Becoming a better writer is such an abstract process, even when under the guidance of higher education. Unlike with Humanities or Business majors, grades issued in Creative Writing courses have no merit as to the quality of the writing produced. Sure, a professor can grade you on your spelling and grammar. Maybe even originality of […]