Interviewing Sandra Steingraber for Blindfold Magazine

More than 40 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. It’s a horrifying statistic, but what’s more terrible is that we’re not really sure why cancer has such a high prevalence. There’s genetic disposition, of course, and chance, but that can’t account for every instance.

Sandra Steingraber, an ecologist and author, is exploring the link between chemical contamination and human health. I came upon her work at MountainFilm in Telluride. She worked on a documentary called “Living Downstream,” which explores her personal battle with bladder cancer and her research into fracking and pesticide use in the U.S. The documentary is based on her book of the same title.

After reading Living Downstream and later picking up Raising Elijah: Protecting Children in an Age of Environmental Crisis, I knew I had to interview her for Blindfold Magazine, a socially conscious magazine I write for. Her work provides a thorough analysis of chemicals we use or release in farming and fracking, and discusses the shortfalls of the EPA in testing the vast majority of chemicals on the market for use. Her research is thorough yet she is mindful of her audience and has a poetic manner in which breaks down these otherwise complex topics.

The article I wrote focuses specifically on food. I’m excited to see it published and hope you’ll check it out in the next issue of Blindfold.

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