Interviewing Amber Lyon for Blindfold Magazine

It’s funny, I put this blog under the category ‘In the News,’ but Bahrain is everywhere but.

Bahrain is a small country in the Middle East nestled on the Persian Gulf. I had first learned about the human rights violations occurring in that country after speaking with Amber Lyon at a group dinner at MountainFilm. After reading much of her work regarding topic and watching her interview on the Joe Rogan Experience, I got in touch for an interview.

Turns out, much of the controversy surrounding Bahrain is not only in the U.S.’s involvement (or lack of involvement) in Bahrain, but with CNN’s coverage regarding the issue. The article I wrote for Blindfold Magazine looks at these issues, and explores what went wrong with a documentary on Bahrain Amber worked on.

During our interview Amber also gave me a copy of her book, Peace, Love, and Pepper Spray, which looks at protesting and police violence in the U.S. It’s a great read and I recommend picking it up.

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