Working On Road Rage, A Comic Book Miniseries By Stephen King And Joe Hill

Earlier this year IDW Publishing released the first issue in Stephen King and Joe Hill’s Road Rage, a four-issue comic book series based on their short story, Throttle, and Richard Matheson’s Duel. For me, the publication was incredibly exciting, not only because I am a big fan of Joe Hill’s Locke & Key, but because it was the first time I received editorial credit in a comic book I had worked on.

The comic series follows a biker gang along a deserted highway as they are mysteriously chased down and killed by a semi-truck.

Chris Ryall, Editor-in-chief at IDW Publishing, asked me early on in the project to help out with Road Rage. For the next few days I had the rare opportunity of outlining Hill and King’s Throttle, marking important dialogue and images in the text, and creating an outline that could be used in writing the comic adaptation.

Ryall brought on the perfect set of artists for Road Rage, each in their own ability providing a gritty edge to the work. Because most of the story takes place on the open highway, the artists had to communicate a strong sense of isolation in their landscapes without risking the cast of characters–all bikers–seem weak, helpless, or overly emotional. After all, Throttle puts such an emphasis on their strength that it was important it was communicated to the readers without allowing them to forget the utterly helpless situation they’re thrown into.

Naturally, with Chris Ryall heading this project, Road Rage turned out beautifully, and with as much tension as Joe Hill and Stephen King could ask for. It was an honor working on this project, and I hope that you’ll pick up a copy, if only to see what incredible talent I had the rare opportunity of working with.

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