Music To Write To, #1-5

I have an 85-song playlist I write to, though I often pick one song and put it on repeat. I have been adding and deleting songs from this playlist for over 9 years, though the one song I’ve kept in it is Moonlight Sonata. I first began listening to Moonlight my freshman year in high school, and it was the first song to be put into my ‘To Write’ playlist. Since then, I’ve listened to the song over 3000 times, which comes out to about 10 days worth of listening.


Music is incredibly important to me as a writer. I have a short attention span on computers, so when I’m at work I’m often jumping around on any number of projects. My boyfriend has panic attacks when he sees how many tabs I keep open at any one time (there’s 14 open right now). Music not only helps me concentrate, but it helps me capture the emotions I portray through my writing. There’s a certain trance involved in writing. Music is the fastest way for me to fall into that rhythm.

Different songs have different uses. And sometimes, a story will become so attached to a song I will be unable to write new material to that particular song.

Below are five songs to write to. Like most of the songs in my playlist, they are purely instrumental. I hope you find good use for them in your writing endeavors.


Adagio For Strings

Burial At Sea By Mono

Lightning Strikes, Part 1 By Snow Patrol

Man of the World By Yasuharu Takanashi From Naruto: Shippuden OST

Nocturne By Daft Punk From Tron OST

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