Working The IDW Booth At Comic Con 2012

I had the opportunity to attend Comic Con for my second year thanks to IDW Publishing, a comic book publisher I interned and later worked with in San Diego. I was also lucky to have a friend who was willing to let me crash on his couch for the weekend so I didn’t have to sit through any (more) traffic.


I captured a few photos at the convention when I wasn’t working the booth (and a few when I was!), including ogres guarding The Hobbit booth and Battlestar Galactica stars Tricia Helfer (Six), Jamie Bamber (Apollo), and Tahmoh Penikett (Helo). I also got a photo of my favorite superhero, the Green Arrow, though I think he looked more like Connor Hawke than ole Oliver Queen. I got a photo (and a few autographs) with my favorite IDW writer, Joe Hill, and his incredible artist, Gabriel Rodriguez, too, both of whom work on Locke & Key, a thriller comic published by IDW. You can catch a peek at one of the hand axes IDW owner Ted Adams presented them in commemoration of 500,000 sold copies of Locke & Key.

I also got a lovely photo of myself with Reshiram and Zekrom outside the Nintendo Gaming Center, where I got to play Pokemon Conquest on the forthcoming Nintendo Dsi XL.

Ah, to be a nerd is a wonderful thing…

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